A three part mini-series which will cover our experience in Santiago de Compostela. All of the people who I interviewed came to this wonderful city to study Spanish at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Learn more about the university at: http://www.usc.es/


Raise awareness to local communities by demonstrating God's love through the provision of gently used clothing to those struggling with poverty.

More Than Home is a short documentary produced in the fall of 2015 by a small group of production students at Houston Baptist University. We partnered with many service providers in the Houston area, gathered personal testimony from several formerly homeless individuals, and gathered information from Houston’s Coalition for the Homeless. Hours and hours of information were compiled into this short film, which premiered at Houston Baptist University’s first-ever student film festival.

Houston Baptist University is one of the most diverse universities in the nation. I wanted to highlight my friends long term goal with a forward movement. We all have different stories which drives our personal vocation. Thus such as Michael, we all have the desire to leave a legacy. 

Christian and I had the pleasure of shooting and editing Shaun and Sharifa's wedding. Although we had an agenda for the night, our footage was obtained by adapting to the events. This video highlights the general overview of their special night. Check out Christian's website https://wearethehandsandfeet.com/.

I have lived in the small town of Katy for almost my entire life. The quiet suburbs reflect the persona of the community. I tried to capture three words which define my little world: relaxed, timeless, mellow.


Zach, Jordan, and I always try to find creative ways of recruiting students to HBU. Recent Hollywood years have proved to follow a set template in their trailers. We wanted to mimic the black faded screens and distorted brass to bring comic relief to incoming freshman. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to create a submission video for Alpha Chi Omega. Many people ignore domestic violence because of social judgment. I used graphics and close/wide shots to inform the audience of AXO's mission. 

Coram Deo is a Preparatory Academy, located in Katy, Texas. Children are naturally the most frank and honest. Being able to interview young students was very captivating since they were so full of life and creativity. This kids I met inspired the very emotion of this video; fun and bouncy.


Husky Revue is HBU's once a year talent show which gives students of varying degrees to come together and showcase their hobbies and skills. This video became the introduction to the show and was then followed by a series of short interviews for each group that performed. I wanted to create ties to shows such as American Idol and AGT to create a similar setting for the audience members.

Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land held a Holiday instagram contest which challenged contestants to combine Mercedes and the Elf on the Shelf. I love Toy Story, so when I saw the girls playing with Ken I thought it would be entertaining to give them life and make a getaway in a brand new Mercedes. 


Ron and I were studying abroad in Spain when we befriended an Italian who cooked at a local restaurant named Il Dolce Far Niente. As Film makers, we thought it would be fun to have dinner at his restaurant and create a short promotional video on our experience. The hand-crafted meals were delicious!